Nail Services

Acrylic Nails

Full Set $37 up
Fill $25 up
Cut Down $5 
Broken Nail $4 
Add Gel Polish $20 
Add Gel French $25 

Dipping Nails

Color Overlay Dip $40 up
Color Full Set Dip $45 up
French Overlay Dip $45 up
French Full Set $50 up
2 Color Overlay $42 up
2 Color Full Set $47 up
Full Set Ombre $65 up
Add On Manicure $12 
Coffin, Stiletto, Almond Shape $5 

Gel Polish Nails

Manicure W/ Color $40 
Manicure W/ French $45 

Gel Polish Change

Hand Color $28 
French Hands $33 
Feet Color $33 
French Feet $38 

Regular Polish Change

Hand Color $12 
French Hands $17 
Feet Color $17 
French Feet $22 

Other Services

Nail Art $5 up
Toe Trim $10 
Nail Trim $6 
Acrylic Nail Take Off $15 
Gel Polish Take Off $12 
Take Off & Regular Manicure $32 
Toe Acrylic Fill $5 / each
Toe Acrylic $7 / each

Manicure Services

Our special spa manicure and pedicure combo.
Spa Manicure $27 

This classic nail treatment shapes, buffs, and glosses nails to perfection. Includes massage and polish of your choice.

First Lady Manicure $37 

Our signature manicure includes trim, shape, cut cuticle cleaning, sugar scrubs, massage, and polish color of your choice.

Pedicure Services

Spa Pedicure $35 

Relax and enjoy our spa pedicure while we trim, shape, clean your cuticles. Your feet and legs will be exfoliated with lotions. callus treatment, along with the warm towel wraps, massage, and polish of your choice.

Jelly Pedicure $42 

Refresh and beautify your feet in a warm tub of jelly. Then we will trim, shape, clean cuticles and massage your legs and feet. jelly pedicure provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles. It also helps exfoliate as well as hydrate dry feet.

First Lady Pedicure $54 

Treat yourself with our signature First Lady Pedicure. Your feed will soak in a softening bath of fragrant, all-natural products from Organic Spa. You will be massaged with softening lotion and sloughing scrubs, which is used for light exfoliation. your feet will be treated to a Paraffin Wax followed by cooling gel and wrapped in hot towels.

Organic Spa Pedicure $64 

Organic pedicure is a combination of our First Lady Spa along with mud-mask and rock massage. We use our special ingredients that were blended together into a 100% gentle and natural exfoliate to renew your skins and restore moisture with products made for Organic Spa.

Voesh Pedicure $46 
Kiara Sky Pedicure $52 

Kids Menu (under 10)

Manicure $16 up
Pedicure $26 up
Polish Change (Hands) $10 
Polish Change (Toes) $10 
Gellac Manicure $30 
Gellac Change Color $20 
Gellac French $25